Tax Deferred Real Estate

1031 Exchange Services

Talmer Bank and Trust can help you navigate the fine points of most IRC Section 1031 exchanges and handle all the administrative details on your behalf. IRC Section 1031 permits a taxpayer to exchange qualified real property (relinquished property) for qualified, like-kind real property, and avoid current income taxation on some or all of the capital gain in the relinquished property. To qualify for this advantageous tax treatment, property must be held for investment, income production or business use. 

Property held for personal use does not qualify. To create the exchange of assets, and to obtain the benefit of the “Safe Harbor” protections of the tax code to prevent actual or constructive receipt of the exchange proceeds, which would disqualify the deferred tax treatment, prudent exchangers to use the services of a “Qualified Intermediary,” such as Talmer Bank and Trust.