Agent for Investors

In all of the trustee services described, we act under the terms of a will or trust agreement planned in consultation with any attorney. We also offer similar services in which we act as agent, rather than trustee, for investors and property owners. Formalities of an investment agency arrangement are kept to a minimum, and the arrangement may be terminated at any time.  

Talmer Bank and Trust Investment Management can provide full, personalized portfolio supervision. It begins with the signing of a simple agreement and the acceptance of securities (or funds available for investment) into an account.

After a frank and confidential discussion of the investor’s asset objectives, our investment officers perform a complete portfolio analysis and determine what steps are required to conform to the investor’s specific goals and tolerance for risk. As soon as strategies are agreed upon, our investment professionals implement them efficiently and effectively.

We then provide continuing management, acting whenever we believe action is needed.  The investor receives comprehensive, yet understandable, reports and are encouraged to meet with us to discuss the progress of their portfolio, as well as any changes in their goals and requirements.

Our Investment Advisory Service is designed specifically for today’s busy, part-time investors. It is similar to our Investment Management Service in that we give advice and guidance to customers, but the customer approves all investment changes in advance.