Lockbox Services

Tired of dealing with opening and preparing check deposits?  Our Lockbox solution helps reduce overall collection costs (the time it takes for your customer’s check to be picked up or mailed to your office, deposited at the bank, and cleared through the banking channels), increase available funds for investment or to reduce debt.  You instruct your customers remitting via check to direct all of your payments to our Lansing, MI post office box.  Lockbox mail is picked up daily and processed according to specific instructions we define together.  Checks received are then imaged and sent for clearing.  The check and remittance document images are available for viewing via our Internet based reporting system.  This system allows you to view deposit information and all related images on the day of deposit.  We can also email or directly transmit custom reports, based on your needs.

  • Reduce float, process check payments faster
  • Access checks and remittance images online
  • Customized deposit reporting available  


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